International and national connections: by train

Liege offers direct connections with the European network of high speed trains. There are several daily connections with Paris (France), Cologne (Köln, Germany) and Frankfurt (Germany). See the websites of the two companies active on these lines: Thalys and D-Bahn (ICE). In Brussels, there is also a direct connection to London with the Eurostar.


The Frankfurt airport has direct connections to Liege with ICE high speed trains four times a day.


If you land at Brussels airport the easiest way to reach Liege is by train. The airport train station is located below the terminal (basement level-1). Up to 4 trains an hour connect the airport to Brussels North, where you can take trains to Liege. Alternatively, there are trains to Leuven twice an hour, where you can also have a connection to Liege.


Look at the timetables on the Belgian Railways website.


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