Tuesday, March 22nd a.m.

09h00–10h30 Session 3: Benefits of IODE training and capacity building
Chair: Greg Reed
09h00–09h15 Paper 3.1: Impact of IODE on establishment and capacity building of the Ukrainian NODC-Biology, V. Vladymyrov
09h15–09h30 Paper 3.2: African Marine Atlas: an opportunity for Africa coastal management, F. Cuff
09h30–09h45 Paper 3.3: Capacity Development for Marine Sciences in Africa, D. Masalu
09h45–10h00 Paper 3.4: OceanTeacher: IODE's Capacity Development Strategy for Marine Data and Information, G. Reed
10h00–10h30 Discussion and Conclusions for Session 3
10h30–11h00 Break & Posters*
11h00–12h45 Session 4: Future perspectives
Chair: Ariel Troisi
11h00–11h15 Paper 4.1: Marine knowledge 2010, I. Shepherd
11h15–11h30 Paper 4.2: Data Publication: a New Paradigm for IODE Data Management?, R. Lowry
11h30–11h45 Paper 4.3: A Study on the Application of Distributed Database Management System (DDMS) at NIO, G. Reddy
11h45–12h00 Paper 4.4: Developing the new ICSU World Data System (WDS), L. Rickards
12h00–12h15 Paper 4.5: OBIS, E. Vanden Berghe
12h15–12h30 Paper 4.6: Marine Spatial Planning, C. Ehler
12h30–12h45 Discussion and Conclusions for Session 4
12h45–14h00 Lunch & Posters*
*In the Professors Room.
Final version, March 14th, 2011.