Monday, March 21st p.m.

14h00–14h15 Address by Minister Jean-Marc Nollet, Vice-Minister-President of Wallonia and the French Community, Walloon Minister for Sustainable Development and the Civil Service, Community Minister for Childhood, Research and the Civil Service
14h15–15h30 Session 1 (Continued)
14h15–14h30 Paper 1.6: Oceanographic data, products and services offered by the National Oceanographic Data Centre – India, P. Rao
14h30–14h45 Paper 1.7: Australia.s Interface to Open Access Marine Data, G. Reed
14h45–15h00 Paper 1.8: High-Resolution Water Level Data in Support of Tsunami Research, M. Gregg for K. Stroker
15h00–15h15 Paper 1.9: SeaDataNet – pan-European infrastructure for ocean and marine data management, present state and relations to other initiatives, such as EMODNet, D. Schaap
15h15–15h30 Paper 1.10: 170 years of oceanography in Belgium: Evolving needs, evolving means, S. Scory
15h30–16h00 Break & Posters*
16h00–16h15 Discussion and Conclusions for Session 1
16h15–17h30 Session 2: Marine Information Products and Services
Chair: Linda Pikula
16h15–16h30 Paper 2.1: AgriOcean Dspace, S. Dister
16h30–16h45 Paper 2.2: Quelles contributions de l'IODE dans la mise en œuvre de plans de Communication dite «Grand Public» dans ses programmes de formation destinés aux institutions membres de Odinafrica, I. Sakho
16h45–17h00 Paper 2.3: Establishing open institutional repositories in Ukraine – achievements & perspectives, O. Akimova
17h00–17h15 Paper 2.4: Open access to scientific information, L. Pikula
17h15–17h30 Discussion and Conclusions for Session 2
17h30 Group Photo
18h30–21h00 Conference Dinner at the Cloister of the Saint–Paul Cathedral (including IODE Achievement Award Ceremony)
*In the Professors Room.
Final version, March 14th, 2011.

The Cloister of the Saint–Paul Cathedral is located at walking distance from the Conference venue.