Monday, March 21st a.m.

08h15–09h15 Registration*
09h30–11h00 Official Opening
09h30–09h40 Welcome by Dr. G. Pichot, Head of MUMM, local host
09h40–10h00 Welcome by Mr. Greg Reed and Ms. Malika Bel Hassen, IODE co-chairs
10h00–10h15 Address by Dr. W. Watson-Wright, ADG/IOC and Executive Secretary IOC
10h15–10h35 Address by Mr. Dirk Van Melkebeke, Secretary-General, Department Economy, Science and Innovation
10h35–11h00 Break & Posters*
11h00–11h15 Address by Jean-Pascal van Ypersele de Strihou, Vice-chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) (by videoconference)
11h15–11h45 IODE: 50 years of serving the global community, I. Oliounine
11h45–13h00 Session 1: Ocean Data Products and Services
Chair: N. Mikhailov
11h45–12h00 Paper 1.1: Is sea level rising along African Coasts?, A. Aman
12h00–12h15 Paper 1.2: Application of the World Ocean Database to climate studies, S. Levitus
12h15–12h30 Paper 1.3: EMODNET, J. Mees
12h30–12h45 Paper 1.4: The Essential Climate Variables (ECV) Data Access Matrix, C. Lief
12h45–13h00 Paper 1.5: Ocean Data Portal: Past, Present and Future, S. Belov
13h00–14h00 Lunch & Posters*
*In the Professors Room.
Final version, updated March 14th, 2011.